Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not much lately.

So-called "real life" has been interfering lately in my hobby time, so I haven't done much.  I haven't painted nearly as much on my Mountain King (aka "Bubba") as I have wanted to, I haven't finished some other figs that, by all rights, should be done by now, nor have I even finished stripping stuff that got dropped into the cleaner last week.  (It's Pine-Sol, and they're metal, so no harm done by leaving them there, really.)

Tonight, instead of running the RPG group (we're currently on hiatus from the Earthdawn campaign that I have been running for several years), we played some board games.  Got a game in each of Wiz-War, Heap and the Star Wars X-Wing game.  Of the three, Wiz-War was probably the favorite, but all three were a lot of fun. 

It left me wanting to build either a Death Star board (or at least a star field mat and some asteroids) for X-Wing, and use Hirst Arts blocks to make a Wiz-War board.  Time to start pouring and painting again, I guess.

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