Thursday, July 19, 2012

Almost there

So, I did manage to get quite a bit done tonight.  As of right now, only the three pig warbeasts are unfinished.  The warhog still needs one arm and his tusks (I'm going to have to pop him off his base after this weekend, in order to fix a significant overhang issue), and the road hogs still need legs, and one is missing an arm.  They should be finished by early tomorrow afternoon.

Almost everything else is primed.  Brine and Wrong Eye aren't, nor is Pendrake, but I think I got all the others. I'll need to spend an hour or so tomorrow night painting arc lines on everything, but that's actually not such a big deal.

Time for some celebratory (bad) pizza and (average) beer.  I'll save the good stuff to console me after a 0-4 record on Saturday.*

* I'm going to try for 4-0, but I'm also pretty realistic about my chances.  I'm going in order to have fun, play outside my meta, and gain experience in a tourney environment.  Winning any games is just a really nice bonus.

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