Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Non-gaming hobby notes

Did not get to go play today - DW has been out of town on a business trip, and I thought that I should be here when she got back, instead of losing a random Warmahordes battle.

I did get to run over to a local hobby store.  Not gaming, but trains, slot cars, etc.  There, I picked up a book on wiring a model railroad layout, and a jig to align the fins on a model rocket.  Yep - those are two other hobbies that I have.  I have to indulge them from time to time, too.

The train stuff has been on hiatus for a while - I need to finish cleaning out the basement, and then I can start building the benchwork.  It's going to be much bigger than the current 4' x 8' table that the son and I have built.  It should not interfere with my gaming all that much - the kids will both be in school, so I will have a bit more spare time.  I have more problems with the carpentry and the electrical work; after all, building scenery for an HO layout is basically the same thing as building scenery for gaming, after all.

And model rockets do not interfere with gaming at all.  It's just an excuse to build something and make it go "whoosh!".  And then hike for half a mile to see if I can find where it landed.  I try to claim the whole experience as a combination of physical and mental exercise, but no - it's just plain fun.

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