Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hooray for tangents!

So, over the past couple months, I've been hemming and hawing about divesting at least some of my GW stuff.  I want to keep at least an army or two around (for both 40k and WFB), mainly because, if my wife winds up with a new job, I am almost guaranteed to find a GW group anywhere we go.  Finding a Warmahordes group can be a bit more work.

So, my Tau were on the chopping block.  (I'm keeping my 40k Orks, because they are almost always fun, and Marines, because they're pretty vanilla, so easy to learn if or when I get into a new edition of rules).  My Tau army was big.  Apocalypse game big.  Half a dozen devilfish, a few hammerheads, some XV88 broadsides, close to a dozen crisis suits, and a whole bunch of infantry.  I broke it up into two lots - for a while, I was thinking about keeping part of it, just in case.

Lot #1 netted me some Retribution.  A fair amount of Retribution.  Another Phoenix, a gorgon, a griffin, some mage hunters, some riflemen, some invictors, plus plenty of other random bits & bobs. 

Lot #2 (which I put up once I talked myself into it) will be gaining me (once it arrives) a load of MERCS, a couple of Dystopian Wars starters, and a bunch of Malifaux figs.  MERCS and Malifaux are new to me, but, as I keep looking at my unpainted pile of lead, skirmish games keep looking better all the time.


  1. It's a good time to sell Tau, as they seem to be one of the armies that benefitted heavily from the transition into 6th edition.

    I sold my Tyranids last week because I needed to make room/cash.

  2. Yeah. It took some time to get rid of them via Bartertown/Dakka Dakka, but I was willing to wait. I was kind of hoping for cash, since GenCon is coming up, but I'm certainly not disappointed with either trade. Might still pare off my WFB Orcs though - I have enough greenskins to paint as it is, with my 40k Green Tide army. (As in, I can field several hundred Ork boyz.)

  3. MERCS is a fantastic game, hope it works out for you!