Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tourney is coming

So, there is a tourney this weekend.  And I am planning on attending.  Yay!  It's a 50 point, 2 army list required event. Oh.  Uh-oh.  Hrm.

I have several factions that I could take, without a problem.  Hell, I could almost take any of them, although Mercs would be one hell of a stretch.  Some are easier than others - 50 pts of Skorne or Trollbloods?  No problem.  50 points of Cryx?  No problem, but they're not going to be great armies - too many holes in my Cryx at the moment.

So, I chose a faction.  Minions.  Hooray!  The hard part is done.

I made some army lists.  Okay, that was a bit harder.  I had plenty of choice, but it's sticking too it, that's the problem.  I can overcome that.  I may dither a lot between now and Saturday, but eventually, I will have to make a choice.

But I need to finish assembling my models.  For various reasons, I did not have everything on hand and assembled, so models had to be ordered.  I have them (all save one, which I should have tomorrow - talk about cutting it close!), but I need to get them assembled.  And I want to have them at least primed, so that I can also have the bases marked properly,  I'll miss out on the fully-painted army raffle, which kind of stinks, but it is no one's fault save my own.

I'm getting close.  After tonight, Rorsch, Wrong-Eye, the posse, the last two farrow, Orrik and Ashley are all ready for priming.  (I may strip the posse instead of painting them later - I am thinking about converting them for a Maelok list - zombification is a Good Thing, right?)  Brine, Snapjaw, a war hog, two road hogs, and Pendrake all need to be finished.  Tomorrow should be fun, but I might actually get them all finished.

And, what kind of night would it be, without some sort of self-inflicted hobby injury?  I was applying a very thin superglue.  It ran.  More than I thought.  Onto my fingers.  I did not notice this before spraying the model with the accelerant.  Did you know that accelerant plus superglue is an exothermic reaction?  In other words, the superglue that ran onto my fingers suddenly got very hot as it dried.  And yes, hot enough that my finger is raw and burned.  Consider this your cautionary note for the day - forget the carcinogenic warnings on the accelerant - that stuff makes superglue burn!

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  1. I love tournaments! They're always a great motivator to get armies assembled and painted :-)