Sunday, July 29, 2012

At least something got done.

First thought - when you post that you are going to go off and prime things, you should probably check first to see if you actually have any primer.  I did, but not much, so I did not prime nearly as much as I wanted to.  (I actually have several cans of black, but I wanted to prime stuff in white tonight.)  So, I primed a few figs (ten or fifteen - mostly Warmahordes, but I primed six Malifaux figs, and I might start them tomorrow), and decided to do a little painting.

I need to take a pic - right now, it's drying in a spot where taking pics is simply not practical, but I finished a Swamp Horror.  That means that I have at least 5 points for the month (for the challenge), and I can simply add it to the list of things that I painted in July, but never posted to the finished thread, thus gaining back my GOOPFC (or whatever the Get Out of Painting card is called).

I spent some time this evening reading through the MERC book.  It looks interesting - I'm not entirely sold on the card movement mechanic, but it might work.  I'll have to finish reading through it, and try a game, though probably not until GenCon.

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  1. The card movement mechanic is wonky but you get used to it. Once you get used to it you realize it's best feature is not having to drag around another piece of gaming equipment!

    It really is a fast and fun game. Hopefully I will see you around the MERCS area at some point ;)