Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thoughts on someone else's posting. . . .

Felix, over at Pokeminiatures, has some advice on getting your miniatures painted.  The most recent is here.  Go over and read it - I'll wait.

Back?  Okay.

A thought on that - I try to impress upon the family that I need some time to paint.  By letting them know about it, I am more likely to actually have some painting time, which means that I am more likely to get stuff painted.

I use a very similar strategy every November, when NaNoWriMo rolls around - only then, it is "Daddy is going to be tired, cranky, and a bit stressed for the rest of the month.  Don't bug him, unless it is necessary."  The kids like it because it means more frozen pizzas and fast food.  The wife dislikes it for the same reasons.

But - if I don't tell my family that I want to get my gators fully painted by GenCon, or that I want to get a couple of DBA armies finally finished, then I have to fight that much harder to have some uninterrupted painting time.  By enlisting my family, and by making my goals fairly short-term, and reasonably limited, I am much more likely to have some extra wind at my back, pushing me along and helping get it done.

Anyway, I haven't done any painting for a few days - it happens.  Life got busy, and the basement here at the in-laws isn't really set-up for painting.  I'll carve out some time between now and Sunday, and hopefully get some more stuff finished.  I have a tourney on the 21st - by my count, one of my lists still needs 13 figures painted.  I can do that - especially since 5 of them are gators, and those guys are easy.

I'm not ignoring the other list - but it needs close to 40 figures painted.  That probably won't happen by July 21 - unless I loan them to Felix for a week or two.  ;)


  1. "Oh look, honey. Someone abandoned these poor Gatormen on our doorstep. I think I have a place for them."

  2. No - the gatormen I can finish. It's all the ruddy pigs that are giving me fits. (And, someone might be abandoning a Wrong Eye and Snapjaw on our doorstep in a couple of days. . . that's my story, anyway.)