Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anoter day, another 1-1 record

Got in two games down at Games Plus today.  I got there a little later than I had originally planned, so there were already plenty of games in progress when I showed up.  Nonetheless, by standing around and talking to people, I managed to rustle up a couple of games.

First game was against Trolls - Grim Angus, Impaler, EBDT, Mauler, Janissa, full Nyss, Bone Grinders, Croak Hunter.  Swamp Pit kept me safe from the shooting, and I managed to take out some things on my feat turn.  His return stroke wasn't enough, and the gators chewed through his beasts.  The Nyss were still alive at the end of the game, but that was about it.

Second game was against Legion - eVayl, Ravagore, Scythean, Angelius, stew pot, swordsmen.  It's good to get Legion jammed down your throat from time to time - otherwise, you forget how fast and maneuverable that they can be.  I did not do nearly so well this game - I took out most of his swordsmen (though he trampelled a few), but not much else, and Barnabas died on eVayl's feat turn.

I was happy with both games - I'd probably have rather used Farrow against Legion (unless it is Lylyth), but I wanted to try out my new Swamp Horror.  It did okay - better in the first game than in the second.  It's a fun beast, but holy $%(*$& is it slow!

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