Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mid-day update

Okay, the other road hog has arrived!  Goody.  I forgot that I had a razorback crew that still needed to be put together.  Fixed, if you want to be technical about it - the gunner lost an arm, and I need to reglue it.  Possibly.  I'm not sure that he is in any of the lists I have been planning, but it is possible.

Anyway, the kids have some new Lego toys, so I have been spending some quality time in the basement with superglue, files, and the x-acto knife.  Snapjaw now has legs and a tail - the arms are next, and the head is last.  Brine needs his tusks and shoulder pads.  Road Hog #1 has his head on straight, and his flamethrower arm is on.  The other arm has been assembled, but not yet attached.  He's still legless, which I have to fix soon.  Road Hog #2 is still in the box, but I'll start on him in a bit, when I head down there again.  War Hog has his head and one arm done, as well as his engine thingy.  He gets to stand up after my next trip to the land of paint fumes.

These are a far cry from my best assembly jobs, and are a step or three down from what I normally do.  There is a very real possibility that they will be stripped down and redone after Saturday night, but they really only have to last until then.

I hate doing it, but I don't have time anymore to do it properly.  Not before the tourney, anyway.

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