Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lord Carver, the beatstick

So, I got in two games tonight with Lord Carver, and managed to win one of them.  It's a little late for a report, but a quick recap of each may suffice.

Game 1: Khador
3Vlad, a Conquest, doom reavers, cavalry - it was a fun game, but it did not look good for me for a good chunk of the game.  Fortunately, 3Vlad came charging in, and failed to kill a badly wounded gun boar - which kept him in charge range of Carver.  I pretty much ignored the Conquest for the entire game, and while it did some damage to my pigs, it did not decimate them as badly as I had feared.

Game 2: Cygnar
pStryker, Stormwall, Boomhowler, Black 13th - long, hard slog of a game.  My dice pretty much crapped out on me, but I was outplayed, pure and simple.  Better dice might have made a difference - it seems to me that, once I start trying to kill something, when bad dice occur, rather than continue with my plan, I commit extra resources to kill one piece, even when it is not as crucial to the game as something else.  At the end, Carver charged the Stormwall, and took out one side on his ownsome.  But too little, too late - and the Stormwall turned him into a small bloody smear of bacon on the next turn.

I feel more confident with Carver now - I need to get in some games with Barnabas, and more games with Carver once I have a Road Hog to play around with.

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