Friday, July 6, 2012

Kind of sad

I brought my paints along with me, and I haven't actually done any painting on this trip.  I'll take my paints along with me tomorrow - if I can't find a game, I'll work on painting stuff. 

I'm thinking that tomorrow will probably see me add a couple of miniatures - I think I need a swamp horror (want, not need - if you feel like being technical), and there are a few others on my want list.  Probably not going to add too many figs between now and GenCon - but when I hit the exhibit floor, watch out!

I think my only gaming goal for today is going to be plucking the rest of the foam for the transport.  I have most of the stuff done, and used it earlier this week, but some of my heavies were still loose, and that needs to be fixed.  I really don't want one of my wrastlers actually trying to do a deathroll on another of my figs.

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